About Us

Company Profile

“PT Global Health Pharmaceutical has been successfully serving the Indonesian pharmaceutical market since our establishment in January 2011. Our headquarter is located in the Western part of Jakarta, with branches and marketing representatives all over Indonesia. Our focus is in the ethical market level; with the goal of providing clear and concise information about our products to medical practitioners. The ranges of products we market comes in the forms of tablets, caplets, capsules, soft capsules, syrups, dry syrups,ointments, creams and injections. We continually grow our market force by recruiting people with high dedication and strong integrity to ensure our business continue to succeed. We consistently strive to deliver innovative new products, while maintaining the high quality of our existing products. Our company values, coupled with critical market insights, have enabled our healthcare partners to connect with the dynamic Indonesian markets.”

Our Vision

To Make PT. Global Health as a well-known pharmacy company in Indonesia and able to compete in the era of Globalization.

Our Mission

1. Perform continuous action to boost sales to our customer.
2. Deliver education and training to our employee to be able to compete in the era of globalization.
3. Perform professional management to reach high efficiency and effectivity.

Our Motto

Capable to compete in the era of globalization.